Amazon coupons – How to limit the Max Order Quantity

Hello, Sellers!

Recently, Amazon Changed their promo codes creation options. Now they allow creating only % OFF coupon codes to be created on your Seller Central. It seems to be a small change but actually, it’s very critical, Now that you only have the %OFF option, Shopper can order unlimited units of your product with 1 coupon code, even if its single-use-coupon. we have created a guide to help you to pass this obstacle and ensure your inventory is not at risk with a very simple way –  limit your max order quantity.

Even though it’s impossible to limit the number of units who purchased when using a % OFF codes, it is possible to limit the Maximum units the shopper can buy in total. the shopper will not be able to purchase more than the amount you set for a single order.

In this guide, we will show you how to limit the Maximum Order Quantity of your promotional product, in order to keep your inventory safe during the promotion.

There are 2 options to limit the max order quantity, that changes from one seller account to another.
The first and the easy way is simply to use the Max Order Quantity option in your AMZN Seller Central:

Step 1: Login to you AMZN Seller Central Account.

Step 2: Click on Manage Inventory:

Step 3: Choose the product you want to promote and click Edit:

Step 4: Under “Offer” – You should find the option “Max Order Quantity”, Change it to the amount you desire. NOTE: Max Order Quantity affect all of your listings, even without promotion. Remember to change it back once you finish your promotion.

Click on and Done. 

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